What is a Mexican Hammock

May 15, 2015 2 min read

We probably take it for granted at times that everyone knows what a Mexican hammock is. However, this is not necessarily common knowledge for a lot of people.

So we want to give you a bit of information on what is a Mexican hammock is, how they are made and what makes them different from other types of hammocks.

One obvious fact is that they are made and originated in Mexico. Where they differ from most other types of hammocks it that they are still hand-woven the same traditional way as they have been for thousands of years. Woven by indigenous Mayan Mexican in the state of Yucatan, and mainly in and around Merida down in the bottom right corner of the map below, where they were first invented.

Each hammock is created by a weaver using cords of various colour cotton or nylon material. These are then interwoven in a triple weave that creates a diamond weave type net hammock. This interweave creates a very strong hammock, but also most important and why Mexican hammocks are so popular is that with the multitudes of individual cords all working together maximum comfort and support is achieved. One’s body simply moulds into the hammock with the weave contouring to a users body. This distributes the user's weight evenly throughout the hammock meaning you won't feel any hard pressure points. This design also allows for various sizes and styles to be created, from smaller double hammocks for individuals up to King size hammocks for families, chair hammocks and resort style hammocks.

This is simply something that cannot be achieved by canvas type hammocks that have a solid hammock body such as Brazilian hammocks, or camping hammocks.

Another thing that separates Mexican hammocks from other types is the uniqueness of each hammock. As each hammock is woven by a skilled Mayan weaver, they choose their own cord colours and patterns. This means that each hammock is a work of art by itself, and no two are alike. Single coloured hammocks are still available and popular in natural white among other colours.

Compared to other hammocks, the quality of Mexican hammocks is very high. Unlike mass-produced hammocks that are produced quickly and cheaply using cheap materials and factories. Mexican Hammocks are generally woven in the weavers own home. They have much more freedom to work and take care of family matters. This creates a happy more fulfilled worker and gives them a great chance to improve their quality of life. As work opportunities can be difficult to come by in certain areas of Mexico we believe we are helping make a difference and believe strongly in Fair Trade practices, and ensure our weavers are well supported and paid.

So when looking for that next piece of outdoor furniture or hammock, look past the cheap and nasty rope hammocks, that’ll leave you feeling unsatisfied and un-relaxed, the bulky sun loungers and uncomfortable deck chairs. Try an authentic hand-woven Mexican hammock. Enjoy top quality comfort and make the most of your limited relaxation time.


Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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