Why our Colombian Hammocks

Latin American is renowned for making beautiful and comfortable hammocks with hammocks being a way of life for many. Hammocks are often the furniture of choice used in place of beds and couches. Naturally, this has lent to high-quality, super comfortable hammocks being made throughout these regions which are now available worldwide.

Colombian is no exception and is right up there with Mexican and Brazilian hammocks for quality, comfort and beauty. Here are some reasons why we believe our Colombian hammock range is amongst the best in the world.

1. Colours. We have a huge selection of colours available with new colours added regularly. Whether you want a traditional looking white hammock, modern colours or to enjoy the bright and cheerful colours of Colombia we have something to suit.

Colombian Hammock Colours

2. High-quality Modern Looms. While a traditional and timeless industry, the fabrics used in our hammocks are manufactured on high-quality modern looms by hammock experts. This ensures all fabrics and each hammock is of the represents the best in quality. Each hammock is further enhanced with reinforced edging creating greater durability and resistance to damage or tearing.

Hammock Fabric Machine

3. Cadejos. A unique feature of Colombian hammocks is “Cadejos“. These are traditionally hand-plaited threads between the hammock body and arms of the hammock which bring an extra level of comfort and beauty to the hammocks. Not all Colombian hammocks have these, but they represent the best in Colombian hammocks and can be found on our organic cotton family hammock range.

4. Quality Control. During and after production strict quality control processes are in place to ensure each hammock is produced to meet our high expectations.

Hammock Quality Control Checking

5. Multiple suspension cords. The number of suspension cords used in hammocks is a very important factor as it plays a big part in distributing your weight, creating that weightless, supportive feeling and ensuring you don’t experience any pressure points.

6. Sizes and Styles. From single to family size hammocks, traditional to chair hammocks Colombian hammocks are available in a great range of options. In fact, we believe we have the largest and best range of Colombian hammocks in Australia and are regularly stocking new products.

Colombian Hammock Sizes

7. Material Options. Cotton, organic cotton, weatherproof. Whether you love the naturally soft feel of cotton, the environmentally friendly aspect of organic cotton or are after a durable outdoor fabric we have a variety of fabric options to suit.

Colombian Hammock Material Options

8. SOCiLa. Is a non-profit organisation promoting the cultivation of organic cotton in South America. Not previously available in Colombian until the founder of La Siesta created this initiative in 2008 which lead to the beginnings of commercial organic cotton cultivation in Colombia. Through the purchase of our range La Siesta organic cotton products this further helps this organisation grow and provide wide-reaching benefits such as creating healthier soils, decreasing water use, protecting farmer’s health, creating sustainable incomes for small scale organic cotton growers, safer healthier ground and surface water and many other beneficial environmental and social impacts.

Organic Cotton Cultivation in Latin America

9. FSC certified wood. All wood used in our Colombian hammock range is certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) meaning that the forests used for production have been managed according to sustainability principles. The last thing we want as hammock users is a lack of trees so sustainable forestry is very important to us.

10. Packaging. With our rolled (rollito) hammock packaging this keeps our packaging to a minimum, yet professional and stylish looking making it perfect for gifting while also containing all necessary hammock information.

Hammock Packaging

11. Specialist Hammock Supplier. We import all our hammocks direct from a specialist hammock company who have been designing and producing hammocks for over 25 years.