Hammock Selection Guide

If you are looking for a hammock to sleep the night through in, traditional style hammocks are the best choice. Generally, the larger the hammock size the better in this regard, as you will have more room to spread out and get most comfortable. Our top recommendation for this is our Mexican queen or king size hammock.

The traditional style of hammock package up small and are easy to handle, so can be a good option when you like to move your hammock about and bring inside at the end of each day. When hanging indoors, by simply taking down one end of the hammock you can free up floor space when not using. Perfect for when using in bedrooms and lounges.

Our Mexican queen size hammock is sometimes referred to as a 'matrimonial hammock' and as the name implies makes a great gift for newlyweds, whilst any cotton hammock is a thoughtful gift option for 'cotton' second wedding anniversaries.