Hammock Fabric Guide

When it comes to selecting a hammock, the material in which it is made from is an important consideration. Different materials will have their own inherent properties that maybe more suitable for your hammock needs.

The main hammock materials available through Hammocks Australia include;

Cotton hammock materialCotton. The most common and popular material choice for making hammocks. It has great qualities that make it ideal for hammocks. It is tear resistant, has a very soft feel and absorbs moisture easily so is good for those extra hot days. Quality cotton like that used in our hammocks have long fibres that make for a stronger, more durable hammock. High-quality cotton is also lightweight and produces beautiful bright colours. Our range of Colombian hammocks are made from a full fabric cotton, whereas our Mexican hammocks are made from hundreds of individual fine or thick interwoven cotton cords. Hammocks made from cotton and organic cotton do require more care than other hammocks, such as being protected from rain and moisture where possible. See our hammock care guide for more info. 

Organic cotton hammock materialOrganic cotton. This is a great choice for those with sensitive skin and young children and babies. Made from cotton that has been grown and harvested without the use of any chemicals makes it an environmentally friendly and safe hammock choice. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. The organic cotton range comes in brilliant colours whilst also available in natural non-dyed nor bleached white. Shop Organic Cotton Hammocks.

HamacTex Hammock MaterialHamacTex® & Polypropylene. A weather-resistant outdoor hammock material HamacTex® and polypropylene are the materials of choice when you like to have your hammock hung outside and ready to use at all times. A polypropylene fabric that has been developed especially for use in hammocks. Soft, comfortable and hard wearing, this hammock has inbuilt UV and fade resistant properties while also being water resistant so the odd shower won't hold you up from using your hammock for long either. A great choice for when you like to leave you hammock outdoors regular, but is also equally at home inside. Shop Weather Resistant Hammocks.

Parachute silk nylon hammock materialParachute Silk. For an extremely lightweight go anywhere hammock, parachute silk material is a great choice. Parachute silk is made from nylon trilobal which in turn is made of very, very thin nylon threads. This makes for a very lightweight and compact hammock, yet is very strong and extremely comfortable. Tear resistance and breathability are further beneficial features of hammocks made from parachute silk, ensuring your hammock lasts the distance and is comfortable to use even on those warmer days and nights. Shop Parachute Silk Hammocks.