Hammock Size Guide

 All hammocks can be hung from a variety of settings, whether trees, posts, wall fixtures or on hammock stands, but different sizes and styles can have different hanging space requirements. This guide will go through our different size hammocks, their dimensions and the hanging space requirements for each. 

In terms of hanging heights, once taking into account your minimum hammock space requirements, you can use a general rule of thumb in that the height you fix your hammock attachments, e.g rope/straps/hooks should be half of the total length of your span. For example a 4m span would mean your hanging height needs to be approx 2m. Resort and spreader bar style hammocks hang more flat and the hanging height for these is approx 1.2m - 1.6m. 

For spans longer than any of the specifications these can easily be catered for with the addition of hanging rope or hammock tree straps


Hammock Size

Number of Users


Mexican Queen Hammock One to two persons  Queen size Mexican hammock dimensions
Mexican King Hammock One to three + persons Mexican king hammock dimensions
Mexican Thick Cord Hammock One to three + persons Hammock dimensions
Spreader Bar Hammock One to two persons Resort style hammock - hanging dimensions
Mexican King Spreader Bar Hammock One to two persons King size resort hammock sizing dimensions
Single Hammock Chair One person Single Chair Hammock Dimensions
Colombian Single Hammock One person Single hammock dimensions
Colombian Double Hammock One to two persons
Colombian Family Hammock One to three + persons Family size Colombian outdoor hammock size
Travel Hammock One to two persons Parachute Silk Camping Hammock Sizing