Hammock Tree Straps

Please note the minimum order value is $79.

A very popular, practical and environmentally tree-friendly way of hanging your hammock from a tree or post. Saves the need for screw-in hooks and is easily set up and taken down.

The hammock tree straps make setting up your hammock a breeze anywhere you like. Simply wrap the straps around a solid tree or post and connect to your hammock loops via the included 's' hooks. Totally adjustable and suitable for any tree, post or pole.

Each Tree Strap package contains;

  • 2 Nylon straps
  • 2 Steel rings
  • 2 'S' Hooks
  • Capacity: 175 Kg
  • Length 3.00 metres per strap
  • 5cm Nylon webbing width

Installation instructions are included in the package.

Suitable for all types of hammocks. Constructed of heavy-duty weather-resistant nylon strapping. Tree Straps are the ideal hammock hanging accessory for any setting, from the home garden and patio, to camping, tramping or even on a boat. You will love the ease and usability of these straps. 

We recommend checking the straps regularly to ensure safe hammocking. Outdoor elements like rain and sun places wear on the straps.

*Individual hammock accessories are currently unavailable to purchase without the purchase of a hammock.