We believe we have the best hammocks in Australia, yet that is really up to you to decide. However here is why we think so...

1. Skillfully Hand-woven. All our Mexican hammocks are 100% hand-made by local indigenous Mayan Indians in Mexico who have been passing down through the generations the tradition and technique of hammock weaving for over 1000 years. 

2. Uniqueness. Every Mexican hammock is individually woven by expert weavers. They are considered artists in their own right, and craft the amazing range of colours and patterns displayed in our hammocks.

3. Quality and Environment. All our hammocks are created with quality in mind. They are designed to provide you and your family with many enjoyable years of relaxation with the proper use and care. Each hammock is quality checked twice prior to being taking into stock and sent on to you. Individual care goes into each hammock during the weaving process which can take up to 15-30 days to complete. No 'rush jobs' here! Hammocks are woven within the weavers own homes, no factory production is used. This handmade process also makes production a much more environmentally friendly method helping to preserve our environment so we can all continue to enjoy our hammocks in peace for generations to come. 

4. Comfort and Support. A special interwoven diamond weave pattern is used in all our Mexican hammocks. This is what provides you with superior levels of comfort and support, along with greater strength and beauty. This tight open weave pattern is further beneficial in allowing air to circulate through and around your body. This prevents those annoying sweaty patches that can often occur from using other pieces of outdoor furniture in warmer climates. Keeping you cool and comfortable. Both our nylon and cotton hammocks provide you with all the same great features and benefits. Unlike the multitude of cheaper variety hammocks, that are often used once and discarded or disintegrate, you will enjoy quality relaxation and enjoyment time after time. You'll find yourself always looking for an excuse (not that you need one!) to get in some quality hammock time!

5. Beautiful fine cord. All hammocks are woven with thousands of metres of fine soft cotton and/or nylon cord. The unique weave and the huge quantities of cord used enable our hammocks to mould around your body and provide the perfect blend of comfort, beauty and strength. 4950 Metres of cord is used for the double hammock, 5700 metres goes into the queen hammock and over 6000 metres in used in the king hammock. These huge quantities of cord are what help make these hammocks so superior in quality, comfort, support and strength.

6. Portability. Our hammocks are both strong and lightweight. The king hammock is conveniently lightweight weighing only 1.5kg, yet strong enough to support 250kg. At 1kg in weight, the double hammock is an ideal personal or travel hammock while still holding upto 150kg. All hammocks are easy to hang, great for traveling, and compact for storage.

7. Versatility. Suitable for nearly anywhere, patio, gardens, terraces, the holiday home, camping/hiking/surfing trips, on boats, and for a range of uses. Sleeping, relaxing, enjoying a book, or rocking the baby to sleep. Suitable for both indoors or outdoors where you enjoy your hammock is up to you. Quick and easy to hang and take down in a variety of setting through making use of existing features such as trees, decks, fences or posts, or by screwing or bolting onto internal or external walls, ceilings, or beams. No suitable existing hanging points? Then consider our useful hammock stands, perfect for a variety of settings and creates a great feature.

8. Range. Indoor or outdoor hammocks, chair hammocks, nylon or cotton hammocks, hammock stands, we have them all! We provide you with a great range of various sizes and styles of hammocks from the double hammock up to king size and authentically appealing resort style hammocks. For summer picnics or keeping warm over the cooler months, we have a range authentic Mexican Blankets available. 

9. Hammock Experts. We have an extensive range of information on our Mexican hammocks and full range of products that is continually updated. We provide further resources including information on using, repairing, storing, folding and more plus videos and additional photos can be found through the following links.

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10. Health Benefits. 

- Ease Back & Neck Pain

- Increase Concentration

- Yoga & Meditation

- Deeper Sleep