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  1. What are hammocks made of and what is the difference?
  2. How long will my hammock last, and what special care should I give it?
  3. How do you hang a hammock and how much space do you need?
  4. Can I choose my hammock colour?
  5. I don't have a credit card, can I still make a purchase?
  6. Can hammocks be washed?
  7. Do I get any instructions with my hammock?
  8. What is the difference between a spreader bar hammock and a hammock without a bar?
  9. What are your postage costs and do you deliver overseas?
  10. Can I buy as a gift, or do you offer gift vouchers?
  11. Can I order and pay securly through your site?
  12. Can I sleep in a hammock?
  13. Do you supply frames or hammock ropes with your hammocks?
  14. Do you offer a guarantee?
  15. How long does it take to make a hammock?
  16. Are your Hammocks available in stores?
  17. Can I order from overseas and have sent to Australia?
  18. Where can I get more information on Mexican hammocks?
  19. How long will delivery take?
  20. Is there a minimum order amount?
  21. My purchase hasn't arrived in the quoted delivery time, what should I do?
  22. I ordered a metal hammock stand and hammock package but have only received my stand, when will the hammock arrive?
  23. Where are you based and can I pickup?


1. What are hammocks made of and what is the difference?

Our hammocks are made in a range of different material that can suit different situation. Our Mexican hammocks are made from either nylon or cotton cord and both come in a great variety of colours. The main differences are that cotton hammocks are softer and slightly more comfortable, as they stretch and mould more to your body shape. Nylon hammocks are also very comfortable but are slightly firmer and more durable. This can make them better for more constant outdoor use, or if you are travelling with it. Our range of weatherproof outdoor hammocks are made from HamacTex® or polyester cord both specially designed outdoor fabric especially suited for outdoor use, being more resistant to the elements than cotton or nylon. We also have organic cotton and parachute silk material is used in our camping hammocks.

2. How long will my hammock last, and what special care should I give it?

Your hammock will last for many years if you give it the proper care. It should be sheltered from the elements where possible when not in use, such as not be left outdoors for long periods of time, especially in sunlight and rain. We also suggest wearing appropriate clothing while you are resting in your hammock. Try to avoid buttons, jewellery, shoes, watches or any other object that might grab or cut cords. Nevertheless, cut, broken or burned cords can be repaired by knotting the ends. If you want to leave your hammock outside for extended periods of time, look for our outdoor hammocks made from polyester and HamacTex® material or try our hammock cover. Both nylon and cotton need the same proper care.

3. How do you hang a hammock?

Hammocks are very versatile and can be hung nearly anywhere by attaching to a strong wall, tree, post, fence, sailboat mast, etc. Hang it so that the ends where it is tied are about 6 feet from the ground and that it hangs down to a level between your knees and your hips. You can use rope, chain, strong cords for poles and trees. For a wood or concrete wall, you can drill or screw in a heavy-duty hook (hammock hooks). We also include hanging instructions with every hammock. For hanging, you need approx 3.5+ metres of space. Shorter distances can be achieved by having the ropes tied higher up (this will create more of a banana shape to the hammock though). Also, you can tie the arms into a single not, which decreases the length needed to hang also. For longer distances, this can be simply achieved by using longer rope and also tying higher to create the proper hanging height between your waist and knees. 

4. Can I choose my hammock colour?

Yes, no problem. Simply navigate through our menu to the product category you are interested in and you will see individual colour options displayed. From there enter the product page and you can purchase your hammock along with any accessories you may require to hang your hammock.

5. I don't have a Credit Card, can I still make a purchase?

Yes, certainly, no problem there. You can make your order through the website as usual and at the 'payment method' step during checkout simply choose the bank transfer option. This will then display our bank deposit details, which will also be emailed through to you once your order is placed. Just ensure you complete the purchase by clicking on the 'place order' button at the bottom of the page. Alternative you can email us through your order, and we'll send you through our bank details so you can make a direct bank deposit or internet transfer. Once payment has cleared we'll have your purchase sent straight out to you. If you wish to pick up your order we can also accept cash on pickup. We now also allow payment via AfterPay in our checkout.

6. Can hammocks be washed?

Yes, to do so grab each end loop and stretch the hammock to its full length. Using thick string or cord bind the end cords and body at about six-inch intervals to keep them from tangling. Put into a pillow case and put it into the washing machine. Wash with mild detergent and cold water. You can also wash it by hand by simply soaking it in a large pot or bucket for a few hours with mild detergent and rinsing it thoroughly in cold water. Hang it to dry. A cotton hammock will shrink right after washing but it returns to normal size when in use again.

7. Do I get any instructions with my hammock? 

Yes, with every hammock you'll receive a link to our online guide for hanging, along with care tips, knot tying instructions, and directions for folding to keep your hammock free of tangles.

8. What is the difference between a spread bar hammock and a hammock without a bar?

A spreader bar hammock has a wooden bar at the top, hammock chairs, or across both ends which are also known as an American or Resort style hammock. A hammock without a bar is a typical Mayan or South American style hammock and what we refer to as 'traditional hammocks'. 

9. What are your postage costs, and do you deliver overseas?

Free delivery Australia wide. This is through courier delivery service or Australian Express Post with an estimated delivery time of 2-5 days to most metropolitan areas. Please note orders to Western Australia, Tasmania, NT and rural or remote areas can take anywhere from 3-12 working days.

We can provide overseas delivery, will the cost determined by product size and weight. Please contact us with what you would like to order and where to and we can provide a quote for you.

For customers in New Zealand and the UK/Europe you can order directly through the following stores paying in your home currency and receiving free delivery.

10. Can I buy as a gift, or do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, you can easily buy as a gift for someone and have it sent directly to them. When purchasing ensure you use your billing address and the recipients delivery address and we will deliver directly to them. Gift vouchers are also available to purchase and can be found on most pages or directly here; Gift Voucher.

11. Can I order and pay securely through your website?

Yes, you have nothing to worry about. All our online payments are processed securely through Shopify which allows for payment via credit card including Amex. Payment is instant, so as soon as payment is made your order is prepared for delivery to your designated address. Payment may also be made through internet banking or direct bank deposit if you wish. Just email us for account details or select the 'bank deposit' payment option when proceeding through the checkout.

12. Can I sleep in a hammock?

Definitely, a perfect use for your hammock, whether it's a mid-afternoon nap, or you want to sleep the whole night. In fact, hammocks are more popular than beds in many areas of Mexico. The best options for sleeping the night through are our king and queen size Mexican hammocks in cotton cord or our Colombian family organic cotton hammocks. When sleeping the best position is lying on an angle across your hammock as this creates a flat lying surface. 

13. Do you supply frames or hanging ropes with your hammocks?

Yes, we do sell hammock frames separately. They are not included with any hammocks. They can be found under the menu category 'hammock stands'. Ropes are sold separately and can be found along with other useful items including hammock hooks and hammock covers on the accessories page. The reason hanging accessories are not included with hammocks is due to the fact that there is no 'one size fits all' hanging accessory. Different hanging situations such as from trees, indoors, wooden posts etc can all require different items. Also, many people have existing hook fittings or stands so do not require accessories. As such we allow you to purchase just what you may need. If you are unsure what you may need please just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

14. Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. All our hammocks are checked and inspected to ensure they are of the utmost quality. However if for any reason you are unhappy with your hammock, simply return 'as new' for a replacement or refund of your purchase price within the first 30 days. We also offer a 6 month and 1-year guarantee on our products. You can find more information on our guarantees and return policy here.

15. How long does it take to make a hammock?

Our Mexican hammock range being 100% hand-made can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks to fully complete. Using up to 7km of cotton or nylon cord, ensures the hammocks are incredibly strong, comfortable and supportive.

16. Are your hammocks available in stores?

At this stage, our hammocks are only available to purchase online through Hammocks Australia. We do hold the stock locally in Sydney, Australia. If you are a retail store or know of a store that might benefit from stocking our hammocks please talk to us we'd love to work with you.

17. Can I order from overseas and have sent to Australia?

Yes, definitely this is not a problem. Simply add your details in the billing address field and the recipients address in the delivery address field of the checkout. 

18. Where can I get more info on Mexican Hammocks?

You can find more information on using, repairing, storing, folding and more plus videos and additional photos on the following sites.

Hammocks Australia Blog

You Tube Videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/hammocksaustralia


19. How long will delivery take?

We rush for a quick turnaround on all orders with most orders going out within 24 hours. Generally, we aim to send the same day orders are received or the following morning. To aid with quicker delivery please ensure you provide a complete address with a contact number. Courier services are unable to deliver to PO Box address, so please provide a physical location where deliveries can be accepted and signed for in person.

As a guide for delivery, please view the below images for delivery estimates in your location. Delivery days are working days and do not include weekends.

We use a combination of Fastway couriers, Couriers Please, Australia Express Post and other carriers at our discretion to ensure the fastest and best services are provided. Signatures are generally required on delivery, so please provide a daytime occupied address for delivery. 

Sydney Deliveries

Hammocks Australia Sydney Delivery Times

Brown Zone: AM pickup – PM delivery. PM pickup – AM delivery
Green Zone: Next day delivery to:• Newcastle, Wollongong, Southern Tablelands, Blue Mountains, Gosford, Erina,Wyong, Nowra, Kiama, Hunter Valley
Pink Zone: 2 - 4 day service


Australia Wide Delivery

Australia Wide Hammock Deliveries


Red Dots: 1 day service (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Canberra, Albury, Wodongo, Melbourne)
Orange Dots: 1 - 2 day service (Mackay, Capricorn Coast, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Bendigo, Geelong, Adelaide)
Green Dots: 2 - 7 day service (Cairns, Townsville, Launceston, Hobart, Perth)
White Zone: 2 - 9 day service
Grey Zone: 4 - 12 day service

Please note courier delays can occur due to increased workloads over certain periods and any quotations of delivery times by Mexican Hammocks PTY Ltd are made in good faith but are estimates only and Mexican Hammocks PTY Ltd shall not be bound by such quotation. At our discretion, we may use other delivery service providers. 

20. Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, we currently have in place a minimum order value of $79.

21. My purchase hasn't arrived in the quoted delivery time, what should I do?

In the first instance, we recommend you check your tracking details email. This is sent through to your order email address with every order once it is packaged and ready for dispatch. This will detail when you hammock was picked up and show its transit progress and where it is currently. With these details you are also able to contact the courier company directly to track the progress of your order. Should you require assistance please feel free to contact us and we can track and inquire on the progress on your delivery. 

22. I ordered a metal hammock stand and hammock package but have only received one package, is there another package?

Yes, when ordering a hammock and stand package, two parcels will be sent. If you receive one and not the other, this is not uncommon, and just likely due to the packages being separated during processing through courier depots. Your second package will likely arrive within a day or two.

23. Where are you based and can I pickup?

We are Sydney based in the suburb of Frenchs Forest. We are an online store only and send Australia wide. We do allow pickup and product viewing by appointment. To do so please give Guy Halpin a call via the details on our contact page to arrange a convenient time to call by.