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Hammocks Australia (Mexican Hammocks Pty Ltd) is an Australian Hammock Company, based in Sydney. Owned and operated by two friends with a love of Mexican hammocks - Mike Rennie and Guy Halpin since early 2009.

We have been importing and selling top quality and authentically handmade Mexican hammocks and products in Australia since March 2009. Based in Frenchs Forest, Sydney our range of authentic Cielo Mexican hammocks includes hammock chairs, spreader bar and traditional style Mexican hammocks. We also source from local suppliers hammock stands and hammock accessories, including hammock hanging hardware, hooks and rope. Recent additions to our hammock range include handmade La Siesta Colombian and Brazilian hammocks along with organic cotton hammocks and camping and tramping hammocks.

Yucatán, México is the base for all our Mexican hammock weaving and is done so by skilled indigenous Mayan weavers who have been passing their hammock weaving skills down through the generations for over 1000 years. Weavers generally work from home where working conditions are better and with more freedoms than in factories. Being hand-woven also provides a more environmentally friendly result.

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Mexican Hammocks Pty Ltd | ABN: 18 134 615 366 | All transactions are charged in Australian dollars (AUD).