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Our Quality Hammock Range Includes

Organic Cotton Hammocks

Organic Cotton Hammocks

Our range of hammocks made from certified organic cotton is the environmentally friendly choice. Both safer for those farmers and cultivators working with the cotton whilst also more friendly to the earth.

The organic cotton used in our hammocks is cultivated without the use of any chemicals making these hammocks extremely soft, comfortable and a great option for children and babies, along with those with sensitive skin.

Our organic cotton hammocks are certified according to the OE 100 standard and monitored by Control Union.


Handwoven Mexican Hammocks

Authentic Woven Mexican Hammocks

Mexican hammocks are our specialty. Expertly hand-woven, each hammock is individually handmade by skilled artisan weavers who have been passing their weaving skills down through the generations. Not only does this mean each hammock is made to the highest standards of quality with love and care but that each hammock is unique in its own right. Our hammocks are Fair Trade certified and come from the home of hammocks Mérida, Mexico.  


Fairtrade and sustainable work opportunities are important to us. For our Mexican weavers, all necessary weaving materials are supplied, along with fair pay and ongoing community support. With the work of hammock weaving usually done from the weaver's own home allowing them greater freedom of time to look after their families and work in areas where employment opportunities are otherwise difficult to come by. 


Weather-resistant Outdoor Hammocks

Weather Resistant Outdoor Hammocks

Whilst all our hammocks are designed to be used and enjoyed outside, the effects of constant exposure to UV rays and rain can reduce the life-span of your hammock. Usually this means bringing your hammock in at the end of the day or when the weather is likely to turn is the best was to preserve your hammock. However, with our range of outdoor weather resistant hammocks enhanced durability and UV resistance properties are built the unique HamacTex® fabric.

This fabric has been developed especially for the needs of outdoor hammock use and can be left out all summer. Resistant to UV and fading, whilst also quick drying our range of outdoor hammocks provide quality comfort and a durable long lasting hammock.