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May 15, 2015 3 min read

Relaxing in a hammock is a favourite past-time in Australia, and with the fantastic climate, we have so it should! What better way to relax and recharge those batteries for a bit than some downtime with a good book, the family or just for a nap.

As such if you in the market for a hammock you will notice that though there is a large variety of hammocks available. One of the most popular types of hammocks is the Mexican hammock, and many online stores sell these. These are fantastic unique hammocks as they are all hand-woven and are regarded as the most comfortable hammock in the world. These are the types of hammock we specialise in here at Hammocks Australia.

We firmly believe we have the best quality and value hammocks in Australia and here are some of the reasons why.

  • Merida, Mexico- Our hammocks come from Merida in Mexico, where all the best quality Mexican hammocks are woven. We import these, hold in stock and send these ourselves from Sydney. Many sellers 'dropship' whereby your product is sent on behalf of another company. When purchasing through a third party, it can make life difficult should you have any issues or need to return or exchange your product. We stock and ship all our products, except on the rare occasion when we run out of stock and may express courier you a product direct from our supply in Mexico.
  • Fair Trade- As far as we are aware our hammock supplier is the only Fair Trade Federation Member in Merida, Mexico. Not only that but they also fund their none profit organisation that has the aim to end inter-generational poverty in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. So for every purchase, some of the money is going back to help support these causes.
  • Best prices- we believe we currently have the lowest price Mexican hammocks in Australia. These include our traditional hammocks, chair hammocks and resort hammocks. Our prices reflect great value, and we'd don't try and trick or coerce you into rushed purchases with over-inflated prices that are slashed or time deadline sales that you may come across elsewhere.
    We don't feel comfortable doing that or purchasing that way ourselves, so we keep a consistently fair price which is always around the lowest. We do have genuine discounts through the purchase of package deals from time to time that includes accessories or a hammock stand with you hammock as we can pass on the savings of multiple products. We also shy away from selling cheap hammocks, as safety and comfort are among our top priorities and these are often lacking in cheaper versions.
  • Free Shipping- not only do we have the best prices, but we also provide free shipping on all hammocks and blankets plus some hammock stands. So this includes everything except some of the very heavy hammock stands that are delivered directly from our supplier.
  • Free Cover; this is an excellent accessory for any hammock. This plastic weatherproof cover encloses your hammock when you are not using it, so it is protected from sun, wind, rain etc. meaning your hammock will last years longer and stay feeling super soft and comfortable for longer also. These retail for around $30-$35. We provide one free with every double, queen and king size Mexican hammock. 

If you are doing the shop around comparing hammocks and prices, we believe we not only have some of the best prices but also the best extras, free shipping and believe we are the only company selling hammocks from a Fair Trade Federation Member in Merida Mexico.

Fair Trade Hammock Stockist

If you are purchasing a Mexican hammock for the first time the best way to get in and out of your hammock and position yourself for best comfort is to sit back into the middle of the hammock, spread the material up behind your head and feet and lie on a slight angle across the hammock. 

Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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