Camping with a Hammock

September 16, 2019 3 min read

If you are planning a camping holiday this summer a perfect item to include in your packing is a camping hammock. Camping is a great way to enjoy the experience of getting back to a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle. What better way than to enjoy your camping relaxation time than lazying back in a great hammock with a good book.

We have a specific range of travel and camping hammocks available that are lightweight, pack up very small and including an integrated hanging system so they are also quick and easy to set up nearly anywhere. Also most importantly they are extremely comfortable. Made from parachute silk, they are very soft, supportive and are resistant to the elements, being quick drying and UV resistant.

Double Size Camping Hammock


Mexican hammocks are definitely 'great' hammocks that can also be used when camping. Mexican hammocks are generally regarded as the most comfortable hammocks in the world. Traditionally hand-woven in beautiful fine cord than moulds and conforms naturally to your body shape.

Mexican camping hammock

What better camping accessory can you bring along to relax in? The open weave pattern is ideal in warmer climates as it allows air to circulate around your body, preventing those annoying sweaty patches that are often associated with other outdoor furniture or full fabric type hammocks.

Hammocks are especially great for relaxing in when staying in a tent. Say you've just come back from a nice bushwalk but are now hot, tired and sweaty. You feel like a bit of a lie-down, but the tent is like a sauna, there is no way you can rest in there during the hot daytime. The ground is hard, dirty and you want to stay away from the insects and spiders, so the best option is to rest up in a hammock. You are off the ground, extremely comfortable, out of the sweaty tent. You can set up your hammock under trees to take advantage of the shade and the open weave will help any breeze circulate around you keeping you at a much more comfortable temperature. 

Mexican Double Hammock

Quick and simple to hang, either find two good trees, around 3.5 to 4m apart to hang from. Or you could get more creative and use a car or van roof rack. Hang from the corner of your camper to a tree, saves the need for perfectly spaced trees. Otherwise, a hammock stand allows you to set up your hammock whether suits you (provided the ground is flat). Our metal hammock stands are perfect for camping trips as they break down into 6 pieces and will fit in a car boot.

You can even spend the night outdoors in your hammock. Enjoy the fresh air and a great nights sleep. We recommend our cotton hammocks if you are wanting to sleep the night through. Depending on the climate you may just need a blanket or a sleeping bag. Enjoy the freedom of sleeping outdoors and watch the stars before slipping into sleep.

So if you are heading camping this summer and don't already have a great hammock or two, check out our traditional range of travel hammocks and hand-woven Mexican hammocks from Hammocks Australia. Sure to enhance any hammock camping.

We are always happy to help you out with your hammock needs, should you have any questions please contact us.

We wish you a good swing and a great holiday if heading away this summer from the team

Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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