Getting into a hammock

Posted on October 25 2014

Recently we had our hammocks on display at an exhibition type 'home show', and our hammocks drew great interest for those attending the show. While many people were happy to jump in and have a test, I was very surprised by home many seemed, embarrassed or worried about falling in and out of the hammock.

Maybe they have seen too many cartoons or home video clips of people falling out of hammocks, or have just not learned a safe and easy method of getting in and out of a hammock. Really it is no more difficult than sitting down, lying back and swing your feet around. With a safe technique and properly hung hammock, you should have no difficulties. 

Below is a video demonstration of a good safe and easy way of getting into and out of a traditional Mexican hammock.

This bear cub using the hammock hasn't quite mastered the technique! Also, the swinging doesn't help in safely staying in your hammock.

While the first video above is for a traditional Mexican non-bar hammock, for a bar hammock like in the second video you basically use the same technique. Grab a handful of material in each hand, back into towards the centre of the hammock and sit down while still holding the material. No rush, the material will stretch so you can use your hands to stabilise yourself. Then when you feel comfortable and stable, simply let go of you handholds, lie back and swing your legs around so you are lying along the length of the hammock, preferably right in the centre. You may then still need to just shuffle across a little to get yourself into this centre position. From there you are all set and in that position, you are safe and secure. So grab your book or just close your eyes and have a little snooze (or try a night sleeping in a hammock)! Getting out is just like getting out of bed, swinging your legs around and sitting up on the side of the hammock and just pushing yourself up. Having your hammock hung at the correct height - between your waist and knees at the lowest point will make the standing up and sitting down easier.

Do it all slowly to start with and in no-time, you'll feel like a pro. Just remember a hammock will have a natural curve to it when hung. If your hammock is hung too straight and tight, this could be where flipping on entry becomes a danger. Your hammock should 'give' as you sink into it. Being too taunt will detract from the hammocks ability to absorb your weight and could twist when your uncentred weight goes on it.

So there you go, next time you see a hammock at a home show or on display, don't be afraid to give it a go. It's safe and easy, not to mention extremely comfortable. Your only problem might be not wanting to get out! 

If you do decide you want one for home then view our range of authentic Mexican hammocks by clicking on the 'hammocks' tab at the top of the page. We stock both traditional bar and non-bar hammocks so have something for everyone.

Enjoy your swing!


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