Traditional or Colourful Hammock

May 14, 2015 2 min read

At  Hammocks Australia all our hammock are authentic traditional hand-woven Mexican hammocks.

One of the really great things about our hammocks is the range of colours. While many people love the vibrant bright colours of Mexico, we also know many others like the more subtle natural colours to fit in with their current setting or home decor. So we offer both options.

We have beautiful multi-colour Mexican hammocks which comprise of between 4-6 different colours and are made in the weavers own choice of colours and combinations. This results in a truly unique hammock and instantly brightens any setting. Some may come in solid strips, others like the one below have colours the interweave amongst each other creating stunning patterns.

The other options we offer are a bit more laid back but equally as beautiful and enhancing to any setting. These include our natural cream white coloured hammocks which brings a certain elegance once hung. Also, natural forest green which is great for hanging in amongst your favourite trees and fits in beautifully in such a setting.

If you still like the colours but are not so much into the rainbow variety, we also have two-tone options, which are hammocks with only two different colours woven through them, such as blue and naturally white, or green and red, black and white, blue and blue and so on. These are also very popular hammocks as you can get your two favourite colours.

So check out our great range of hammock colours we are sure to have something to suit everyone. And if you have a particular colour request or combination just let us know, we can have these woven into your requirements.

Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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