How to hang a hammock from a tree

April 10, 2016 2 min read

If you are looking to hang your hammock between trees, whether in your garden or park this blog will explain the best way to get your hammock quickly, easily and safely set up.

Having seen previous articles about drilling holes in trees to secure hammock hooks we don't recommend this option. There are much more 'tree friendly' options available for hanging your hammock without the risk of killing your trees! Such as hammock rope and hammock tree straps.

hammock tree straps

In terms of the trees, you plan on using, take care to ensure they are suitably strong for the weight you are intending to place upon them. Never use a dead tree or one with any evidence of rot no matter how strong it seems. Especially if your hammock is going to be used by more than one person.

For our Mexican hammocks and Weather Proof Columbian hammocks, we recommend a space of around 3.5m upwards to ideally hang your hammock. Shorter distances can be achieved by shortening your hammock, and longer distances can be bridged by using long lengths of rope. Having a slightly longer space than you need is good in that it gives you more room to adjust the hang of your hammock for best comfort.

After sorting out your trees, you want to then start attaching your rope or hammock tree straps to each tree. One at each end, from approximately the same height. The exact height you use will vary depending on the distance apart your trees are so you may need to play around with this for best fit a little. For around 3.5m - 4.2m of distance a height of 1.8 - 2m is good. When secured you want your hammock to hang down with a nice gentle curve to a height which at its lowest point is between your hips and knees.

Secure your hammock safely at each end, attaching the lope ends to your rope or tree straps. For advice on knot tying please see our hammock instructions guide. Once you have it all set up a good option to allow you to quickly and easily hang up and take down your hammock is hammock 'S' hooks or carabiners. When not using your hammock or when the weather turns bad these will allow you to quickly and easily take down your hammock to store inside, and then hang again quickly when the sun's back out!

Finally, before jumping into your hammock, it is important to just check that everything is safe and secure. While keeping your feet on the ground and your balance, gently sit down on the hammock testing it's stability to hold your weight. Give it a gentle little bounce, then when you are confident it will hold you - the hammock, the trees, and your attachments and knots then climb on in and start relaxing!

For safety, it always pays to check all the support parts of your hanging setup before using each time. A couple of seconds checking on the hammock, attachments and trees can save an unnecessary accident.

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Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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