How long should a Mexican hammock last?

September 11, 2016 2 min read

The answer to the question ‘how long should a Mexican hammock last’ is not a straightforward one to answer. The reason being there are a number of variables that will affect the life of a Mexican hammock. These include:

  • Is the hammock left outdoors in the elements (rain, wind & sun)
  • The climate (e.g. near saltwater in a humid tropical climate versus dry inland climate)
  • Is a hammock cover used to protect the hammock when not in use
  • Does the hammock get wet (e.g. next to a swimming pool)
  • How is it used? Just for relaxing in sleeping, or are there children jumping and swinging in it?

If the hammock is properly cared for then one can expect the hammocks life to be many years. In fact, we have heard of well cared for Mexican hammocks lasting up to 20 years! 

If the hammock is left out in harsh elements without cover or protection then the lifespan will be much shorter. It is generally elemental wear that has the greatest impact on hammocks, rather than the amount of use. So don't be afraid to use it a lot, but by bringing it inside after your use you will greatly enhance the life of your hammock.

A simple way to protect your hammock and enhance its life is by bringing it in each day after use. Use an easy slip on/off hooks such as an 'S' hookor carbine so you don't have to tie it up and down each day. Or also a hammock protection cover that slides along your hammock when not in use is a great investment to prolong the life of your hammock.

Mexican Hammocks Australia provides all customers with a detailed Hammock Instruction and Care Guide so that your hammock is providing you with the best in comfort and relaxation for many years to come. We also ensure our hammocks are thoroughly checked up completion and prior to being taken into stock so you can be assured you are buying quality.

Currently, when you purchase a hammock through Hammocks Australia you will receive a free hammock protection cover; this applies to our double, queen and king size hammocks. Simply set this up at the same time as you hang your hammock and it is then just a matter of sliding across your hammock when not in use and then sliding back to one side when not. 

Even with a cover, we do suggest over the winter you bring inside the hammock and cover. Constant damp, wet weather is never really good for any material so it pays to keep inside over the wettest time of year when you are least likely to use anyway. When storing away for winter,  just ensure the hammock is fully dry before storing and protect it from moths, in a plastic bag will generally do the trick. 

You can access further information through our FAQs and by viewing our online hammock store.

Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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