Protecting & Storing Your Hammock Over Winter

Posted on June 30 2009

So it’s right in the depth of winter at the moment, when I’m nearly over mourning a passing summer and starting to look forward to the next one.

It's been a long time since I’ve brought in my hammock from outside and put it in my bedroom.

Leaving it outdoors I don’t get much chance to use it over winter. It is often too cold to lay in outside without the warmth of the sun. For those lucky enough to have a sheltered spot outside or live in a warmer climate using your hammock during the cooler months can still be really nice to enjoy some quality rest and relaxation. Even on a cold but sunny day, it can be nice to get some crisp fresh air by wrapping up in a blanket on your hammock.

A warmer alternative during winter is to bring your hammock indoors and enjoy laying in it with a good book, your tablet or for a little nap. You can generally easily setup hammock hanging fixtures from your wall in most rooms.

If you are not bringing in your hammock over winter, it is recommended that you protect it from the elements where possible. Winter can be harsh on hammock material, from all the wind and rain and if the hammock doesn’t properly dry due to constant wet weather this can lead to fading, rotting and mould or water damage over long periods of time. A great way to protect your hammock is with an outdoor hammock cover which easily slides along the length of the hammock covering and protecting it from the elements.                      

If you don’t plan on using it over this time the best thing is to gently fold it up and store it away until the warmer months when the sun's strength comes back. This will prevent any damage or unnecessary wear due to the elements. The best way to pack down a hammock is to hold both loop ends and carefully twist together. Doing so will hold all the cords together and prevents tangling.  The next step is to create one or two big knots by bringing the bottom up and folding it across your arm then looping the arms around to form one big knot in the midsection.  It doesn’t need to be tight, and just gently feed the ends back through to unknot.  A handy hint once the hammock is knotted is to place the hammock in a pillowcase. This prevents the fine cord being tangled or cut by any other objects. The last step is to ensure you then store the hammock somewhere dry to avoid mould. Ensure your hammock is fully dry also before storing it away.  

We hope this article has helped you on how to store your hammock over winter if you live in a cooler area. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm and dry climate during winter then you will be able to enjoy good use out of your hammock all year around – we're jealous!!



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