Shortening Your Hammock

July 04, 2017 1 min read

When it comes to hanging a hammock you require a certain degree of space to hang it and enjoy correctly. If you find space you wish to hang your Mexican hammock is too small, no fear, you can make an adjustment to the hammock to shorten its total length and fit it into your designated space.

By simply making a knot in each end (arm) of the hammock you can shorten the total length by approx 40cm. Such as shown in the picture below. The second knot on each end can be added to further shorten the total length of the hammock.

When doing this we do recommend you to make the knots close to the end loops of the hammock not to the body. This allows the body of the hammock to still spread out wide providing excellent comfort. When tying the knots always take care to ensure the cords do not tangle. Try and only handle the hammock by the loop end and hold the other cords all together in one handful.


Shortening your hammock


Another options, if you don't have enough space for hanging your hammock, is a freestanding hammock stand. At Hammocks Australia we have a range of hammock stands suitable for Mexican hammocks and other types of hammocks. 

For further information on hanging use and care of you hammock please see our hammock instructions, use and care guide.

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Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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