Merida the Hammock Capital of Mexico

April 14, 2018 2 min read

Merida in the Capital city in the Mexican State of Yucatan. It is from here and the surrounding towns and villages that all our hammocks are produced. All are 100% hand-woven the traditional way, resulting in a genuine authentic Mexican Hammock. While this area produces amazing hammocks, there is also a lot more to the city and region than relaxing!

Merida was named as such after the Spanish city of the same name after the previously named Mayan settlement of T'ho was conquered by Spanish conquistadors in 1542.

Considered the cultural capital of the entire peninsula Merida is a great place to start further travel adventures in the Yucatan State. There is a great range of hotels, backpackers, bustling markets, delicious foods, nightly activities all within a beautiful setting. Along with lots of large open plazas, the regions best museums, it is a great place to travel for tourists without feeling like a tourist trap. 

The central plaza 'El Centro' is surrounded by open-air cafes, coffee shops, ice cream parlours, craft stores (with many selling Mexican hammocks and blankets), and is always a bustling yet lovely place to relax in and just people watch. Other sights in the area include the Catedral De San Ildefonso completed in 1598, the Montejo family mansion until around 1970, which is now a bank, Palacio Municipal (City Hall), Centro Cultural Olimpio (cultural centre) and state of Yucatan executive Government offices which also houses many stunning murals painted by local artist Fernando Castro Pacheco.

Outside of Merida be sure to also check out the amazing archaeological sites of Uxmal, Kabah and Chichen Itza. Further great spots to visit are the underground cenotes and caves that scatter the region, along with the coastal towns of Progresso and the flamingo colonies in the reserve at Celestun.

If you can't make it in person to Merida, but would still like a little piece of authentic Mexico to enjoy then you can still purchase these fantastic items in Australia. Purchase your own authentic Mexican Hammocks and Blankets through Hammocks Australia who imports all items directly from Merida.

Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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