4 Ways to hang multiple hammocks

June 25, 2017 2 min read

What’s better than one hammock? More hammocks! 

As much fun as it is sharing a hammock sometimes it’s nice to have your own hammock space yet you might still want someone to chill and chat with other people. Adding an extra hammock or two to your setup could give you a great relaxing spot for multiple people. 

There are few ways to achieve this; 

  • Stacked hammocks; hanging multiple hammocks from the same two trees with one hung above the other. Just like a hammock bunk bed! This is popular with camping and travel hammocks with some stacks getting as high as 18 hammocks. Obviously, common sense precautions should be taken with this to ensure the trees are adequate in terms of strength and size. Also, ensure your fixing system is in good condition and will hold you securely. The last thing you want is to fall from a great height on top of overs.

  • Source:https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/479563060295442482/

  • If the trees you are using have some strong solid branches you can hang multiple hammocks between the two. Just hang from the branches rather than the trunk. Even if only one tree has solid branches, you could use two branches and then attach to the same trunk forming a hammock triangle.

  • Using hammock posts. If you don’t have the necessary trees in your garden an easy way to setup some fixing points is by embedding posts into the ground and hanging a hammock between these. Use two posts and you can hang one hammock, but use three posts in your setup and you can hang three hammocks. For our Mexican hammocks, a good setup is for posts 2m above the ground and are spaced 4m apart. This will give you a nice hang shape and leave room for adjustment.


  • Another option for hanging multiple hammocks is with hammock stands. A nice variation setup could be a chair hammock stand and traditional hammock stand, or two standard hammock frames like below. It doesn’t take up much more width to have two such hammocks close together. It's good to be close also so you can pass the chips!

 If you need any advice on setting up your hammock or ideas for multiple hammock hookups then please just let us know. We’ll be happy to help.


Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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