6 Unusual Hammock Inventions

June 22, 2017 2 min read

Great ideas always seem to be played around with and tried to improve or improvise upon.

Such is the case with hammocks. Traditional hammocks from Central Mexico have been in use for over a 1000 years yet today we still attempt to improve or adapt upon.

 Here are a few of the more 'unique' ideas that have sprouted up in recent years.

 1. Foot Hammock: For when the floor is just not supportive enough for your feet while at your desk then you have the foot hammock! This device attaches to the sides of your desk while a small foot sized hammock hangs under your desk. You can use these in a working or relaxing position, so sit and kick your feet up and




  • 2. Flight Hammock: It might be called a hammock, but it looks more like an inflatable cushion. However, it seems to do the trick for providing some extra comfort on flights. This ‘hammock’ attaches to your tray table and hangs low in your footwell. This allows you to sit in a more varied range of positions and hopefully find something a little more comfortable than usual so you can rest and sleep easier.  



  • 3. Head Hammock: Another product designed with the flight traveller in mind. Sleeping in a sitting position is often a difficult one especially when you head keeps dropping forward and jerking you away. This little head hammock attaches to your headrest and a padded cushion sits directly under your chin. This keeps your head in position against the headrest preventing the usual head dropping and waking experience.  



  • 4. Hammock Hot Tub: This hammock made a big splash recently due to the fact it is a hammock and hot tub in one! Made from high strength waterproof canvas this hammock can be hung like a normal hammock and then filled with water. An optional water heating system can be added so you can sit in hot tub warm water in your hammock. A unique experience for sure, but possibly a bit cumbersome with the water heating system in tow.

  •  5. Beachhead hammock: Like lying on the beach, but don’t want sand in your hair? Then the beach hammock might be for you. This portable little hammock comes on a wood frame and it sits on the ground just under your head giving you some head elevation so you lay on your back catching some rays and keeping the back of your head and sand free hair!

  •   6. Drone Hammock: Struggling to find trees or posts to attach or just want a bit more freedom of movement with your hammock - walking the dog, fishing; then the drone hammock is likely for you! Simply attach your hammock to this giant drone and relax away as you fly through the skies!

If you want the 'real deal' in a hammock though you should check out our range of traditional hammocks from Mexico and Colombia. Time tested and comfort assured!

Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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