Organic Cotton Hammocks, Weatherproof Hammocks & Travel Hammocks

June 25, 2017 3 min read

While you can't bet the time-tested traditional Mexican and South American hammocks there are always constant variations popping up here and there. We like to keep an eye on these new developments to see if there is anything new or worthwhile incorporating into our range.

As such over the last couple of years we have slowly grown our range to include some Colombian made fabric hammocks, that are made from a range of different materials. These include a unique synthetic material called HamacTex® that displays excellent weather resistant properties. These have proven very popular and so we have expanded our range of these hammocks this year. Also in the mix is organic cotton material hammocks. A great environmentally friendly and sensitive skin option. Whilst parachute silk is used in our travel and camping hammocks. An extremely lightweight fabric that is perfectly portable. 

In our weatherproof range of hammocks, we have three different colour designs; single, double and new this year a family size. These hammocks vary from our Mexican range in that they are a full fabric hammock rather than the Mexico open weave style and are also extremely comfortable. One of the benefits of full fabric hammocks over woven net type ones is the reduced risk of 'pulled' cords. These weatherproof hammocks are perfect for leaving outside all summer, they are UV stabilised to prevent colour fading, water repellent and quick drying so will be ready to use in no time after that summer shower. The material has also been designed to look and feel like cotton, so you will still experience a soft feel and lightweight strong hammock.

Also from Colombia, we have a range of hammocks made from organic cotton. No chemicals and more environmentally friendly hammocks for your family, great for those with sensitive skin. These come in a non-dyed or bleached natural white colour in a single size hammock and two fun colours - red chilli and curacao blue in extra large family sized hammocks. These really are beautiful large hammocks that you'll love using every day. These Colombian family hammocks have a unique feature of traditional plaits on the hammock arms called 'cadejos'. These combined with the high number of suspension cords allow for optimum body comfort through the greatest distribution of weight, making for an extremely comfortable and strong hammock.

Our range of travel hammocks come in three colours and a double size. Extra comfort for yourself or room to share. These hammocks make great gifts for those heading on OE's or for yourself if you want to have a comfortable place to sleep and rest on your travels of next camping or tramping expedition. Saving on the need for bulky tents and ground mats, sleeping the night in a hammock will give you a very restful and comfortable sleep. They are not solely resigned to travellers and campers though as they make excellent home and garden hammocks. 

Another couple of really cool features of these travel hammocks are that they include an integrated hanging system. With ropes and adjustable hooks hanging these hammocks are very quick and easy. Then by easily removing the hanging system these hammocks can be spread out and used as a ground cover blanket. Perfect for picnics or to use at the beach.

 All these great hammocks are available now exclusively through Hammocks Australia and free delivery is included with every purchase. So enjoy your most relaxing summer yet with our new range of quality hammocks.

Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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