Mexican Hammock Company Practicing Free Trade 

Hammocks Australia is a believer in Fair Trade and actively practices it. This is a big statement and one made by many companies in today’s world. But what does Fair Trade exactly meant to us?

All of our hammocks are hand woven in villages located in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. The weavers are generally women with young families. These mothers are able to care for their families whilst also being able to earn a income by weaving the hammocks in their own homes. Naturally, this earned income helps to provide their basic needs of food, water and electricity along with a better education for their children.

Our weavers are remunerated for each complete hammock we collect or they delivery to our central warehouse in Merida. There is absolutely no pressure on our weavers to produce a certain quantity per day, week or month. This ensures their personal commitments come first.

How do we know this is the case? Mexican Hammocks Pty Ltd has a very good relationship with our supplier. One of the cornerstones to this relationship is we share the same goal to improve the lives of the local Mayan villages in a fair and sustainable manner.  In 2009, Mike Rennie, one of our directors flew over to Mexico to stay with our supplier and meet the weavers. Mike was very impressed with the standard of living for our weavers. It is great to know that we are a contributor to this standard of living. But not only this, our customers can also take pleasure in the fact that you are an vital part to supporting Fair Trade in Mexico!

In 2014 our supply partner in Mexico was awarded membership into the Fair Trade Federation. A lot of effort went into completing the requirements for this and after practicing fair trade for so long it was great to see this hard work offically recognised.

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