5 Reasons a hammock is better than a bed

October 13, 2016 2 min read

Mexican hammocks are well regarded as the most comfortable hammocks in the world. Expertly hand-woven with miles of fine soft cord, they are as versatile as they are comfortable.

Here are 6 great reasons why a hammock is better than a bed.

1. Space. A hammock takes up much less space than a conventional bed. It can also be put away during the day, so your bedroom can be used as another room. Great when space is of a premium, especially in smaller apartments, dorms, flats etc.

2. Portability. A hammock is lightweight and easy to move about. Unlike a bed that stays fixed in the same place all day, just waiting to be used at nighttime. Want to lie outside in the sun, or take it on a trip, you can easily take it down pack it up and take it with you. Try taking your bed out for the day! Can be used by the family, during the day.

3. Clean. While you can clean your bed sheets, cleaning your mattress is a much more difficult ordeal. Cleaning a hammock is as quick and easy as soaking it in a bucket of water or washing carefully in a washing machine.

4. Quicker, deeper sleep. Sleep hammock studies have shown that sleeping in a hammock leads a quicker deep sleep. Meaning you can get a better longer overall sleep. 

5. Pain relief. While we don't have any studies to back this up, customer feedback has been relayed encouraging the use of hammocks for pain relief. This includes back, hip and neck pain and help with insomnia. No pressure points, tension release. 

6. Sleep anywhere. Your bedroom no longer needs to be the only room you sleep in. Setup hanging points outside to enjoy those balmy summer evenings and enjoy the stars and night sky. Or how about in a home office or lounge. 




Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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