What Hammock is Right for You

June 28, 2015 3 min read

At Hammocks Australia we offer a range of various sizes and styles of hammocks. We do like to keep it simple however and not overdo the range of hammocks we offer.

We have stocked our particular range of hammocks though to ensure we have something for everyone. When looking at various hammock you might be wondering what is the best hammock for you. So we hope to help you answer that question here. 

While we are sure you will be happy with any of our hammocks, you may find some are better suited to your needs than others.

Our double hammocks are our smallest and most portable hammocks. This makes them great if you are looking for something to travel with, perhaps a second hammock for the kids, or just something cozy for yourself.

Our Mexican Queen hammocks are our most popular hammock and offer great features. They are the perfect size for 1-2 people and it packs up compactly when not in use. It gives you more room than the double as it spreads wider to provide more space to enjoy with a partner or perhaps your children.

The next size up is the King Size hammock. This is currently our largest size hammock and holds up to 250kg! This is perfect for the whole family. Great for sharing reading time with the children or relaxing back with a loved one and cold drink. While our largest size, it is still very practical and portable at only 1.5kg in weight. Also don't be fooled by thinking it will be too large for one person, like a bed the larger the size generally the more comfortable it will be, even for one person. This gives you lots of room to move about and try out different relaxing positions and is a great option to use as a bed and sleep the night away.

If you are still not sure on the best size to suit you, please just email us and we can help you out further. I was told once when buying a hammock in Mexico to buy the biggest size you can reasonably afford.

The other hammocks we offer are Chair Hammocks, which are very popular with young and old. They make excellent gifts and are perfect if you don't have two fixed hanging points or the space for a full-length hammock. Simply hang from a tree branch or beam and you are ready to go. Needing only just over 1m of space, unlike 4m for a full-length hammock, the variety of options for hanging these is not as requested by space requirements. These hammock chairs provide an ideal position in which to read, watch tv or nap in. Like the full-size hammocks, they are also large enough to stretch out full length from head to toe, making it the most comfortable reading chair around!


Our final hammock is our Resort Style hammock. This is a very beautiful and decorative hammock, while still maintaining great functionality. They work beautifully both with our wooden hammock stands or in any setting. They have wooden spreader bars at each end so this can make it easier to get in and out of for some people. At 4kg in weight, they are very solid and strong and work perfectly in any home or resort setting. We now also stock a second resort style hammock in king size. This is extra wide at 1.4m and has a darker spreader bar, along with a beautiful handmade crochet fringe. This extra size makes it just that much better for two people to share and is one of the most comfortable hammocks we have available.

Whatever hammock you decide to go with, you can be assured at Hammocks Australia you are always getting a quality authentic hand-woven Mexican hammock that will provide you with total comfort and support. As of 2015, our hammock is now also fair trade certified coming from a Fair Trade Corporation company in Mexico

From the team @ Hammocks Australia.

Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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