Hammock Stand - Free Standing Hammock

August 20, 2012 2 min read

A hammock stand is a perfect way for you to set up your hammock wherever you like. Freestanding hammock stands generally come in two types of material – wooden and metal. Both give you the versatility to setup your hammock in a variety of locations and save the need for fixed anchor hammock hanging points. Both hammock frames have their advantages and disadvantages.

In general, the wooden hammock stands are considered more visually attractive. However they can be quiet heavy (upto 40kg) so mobility becomes an issue, especially for one person. They are ideal for creating a feature within your outdoor setting with the wood enhancing the area. There are various different sizes and styles, but our most popular model has been our curved arc wooden hammock stand in cypress pine wood. A beautiful and stunning arc design that is always appreciated and enjoyed. These wooden stands look amazing in any setting, from your back garden, porch through to high-quality resorts and accommodation lodges.

Metal hammock stands are more lightweight generally and are very easy to setup/pack down. A downside like all metal products being exposed to the elements is their long-term durability if exposed to the elements over a long period of time. A quality finish - paint or powder coating is important to prevent wear from the elements. Our metal stands offer great quality and are powder coated in black to look appealing. They are very versatile in that they will fit various different sizes and styles of hammocks. Many metal stands can be very small, lightweight and unstable so be sure to find something solid and safe for your requirement. At Hammocks Australia we have been sure to provide only quality solid metal stands for our range. Weighing approximately 16kg, they are light enough to move around single-handedly, yet heavy enough that they will sit solidly on the ground and not be blown about by the wind or tip over. Setting up metal hammock stands is generally easy to do, and you can view our stand being setup in less than 3 minutes in the video below. 

How to setup a Metal hammock stand video;


Hammocks Australia provides a range of hammock stands including packages so it is a one-stop shop for all your hammock and free-standing hammock needs. You can see our full range through our online store.

If you are Sydney based and would like to view the hammock stands in person, please contact us and we can arrange an appointment time to do so.

Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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