Hanging a hammock on a boat

July 20, 2009 2 min read

As the cooler months move behind us many boat owners are purchasing Mexican Hammocks for two reasons.

1) Hammocks are an excellent way to relax and bask in the sun/shade. This provides a very attractive alternative to laying on the hard surface of your boat and the feeling of swaying in a hammock on a gently rocking boat is incredibly relaxing.

2) As an additional bed. How often have you wished that you could invite an extra one or two people to stay overnight on your boat? Mexican Hammocks can be quickly put in place in those areas that are not utilised during the night. This way your friends or your kid's friends will be able to stay on board. No one is left out!

The following picture was emailed through to us from a customer who purchased a Mexican hammock for his boat. As you can see the hammock fits in a very tight space and provides a much more comfortable sleeping option than the hard floor below.

hammock on a boat

In terms of storage space, our Mexican Hammocks are extremely effective. They pack down to the size of an AFL/Rugby ball. All that is needed is two suitable places to tie off each end. These need to be no less than 3.5m apart.

The hammock will sway with the motion of the ocean to help you have a more peaceful sleep. Hammocks have been very popular beds of boats for over a century as they are much cheaper than a more traditional boat bed and can be taken down very easily.

Our Mexican Blankets are an excellent companion to our hammocks as it can get quite cool on the water overnight. These blankets harness a surprisingly large amount of warmth and can be used as a blanket to sit on or to take land for a picnic during the day.

Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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