Authentic Mexican Rugs

An authentic Mexican Rug makes the perfect gift for a loved one, family member or friend. They are so versatile and can be used for many different purposes. These include as a picnic rug, exercise blanket, table cloth, lounge throwover, car seat cover or to provide extra warmth for cooler climates.

Ideal for keeping warm in you hammock on those cooler summer evenings, or to just add some colour to your home.

Popular throughout the markets in Mexico, with variations of the Mexican rugs being used as placemats, table runners, ponchos and more. Also just as popular worldwide whether in the home, or you may have seen these in your local Mexican restaurant. 

Made with the assistance of a manual machine called a 'trama' these quality rugs and blankets will provide you with years of enjoyment. 

Mexican Rugs

Hammocks Australia’s online store provides a dozen different options to choose from. You are bound to find the perfect match as the Mexican rug colours vary from plainer two tones to a full array of several bright colours.

Check out the Hammocks Australia online store and should you have any questions please contact us.