What is The Correct Way to Lay in a Hammock

June 30, 2009 2 min read

The picture below displays how the traditional Mexican people lay in a hammock. As illustrated one of the better ways to lay in your hammock is with your body at a 45-degree angle from the tied ends. Doing this will provide you with maximum stability by spreading your weight throughout the hammock and also provide for more even lying surface - what you want if you are planning on sleeping in your hammock. This is important not only for balance but also provides maximum comfort as it allows the hammock to conform to your natural body shape.

Most people picture themselves in a hammock reading a magazine, paper, with a drink or a combination of these. However the traditional Yucatan Mexican’s use their hammocks for so much more. Hammocks are used as a bed and in general living areas as furniture in many parts of Mexico. They are also used to help rock babies to sleep.

As an alternative and space-saving sleep option, this could be the answer for you during those warmer summer months to avoid unwanted night sweating!

The superior air circulation of the Mexican hammock thanks to the unique diamond weave pattern provides a much more effective bedding option in warmer climates. The main problem people have with traditional bedding is the mattress and sheets trap in the air and due to the heat emitted from the body, this causes sweating. With the open weave design of Mexican hammocks, this is not an issue, as there is space for air to circulate around cooling your body more effectively.

At the end of the day, try out a few different positions and see what feels best for you! We hope this article has provided you with helpful tips on the best way to lay in your hammock.

Guy Halpin
Guy Halpin

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