The Ultimate Wedding Gift

June 18, 2012 2 min read

If you have weddings to attend in the near future or on the horizon then a major consideration is what to get as a wedding gift. While many bride and grooms put out a wedding gift list stating the items they would like and where to purchase these from perhaps you would rather give them something a little more thoughtful and unique. Rather than a crockpot, or gift voucher how about something you know they will enjoy and make the most of.

As such we'd like to suggest what we consider the 'ultimate wedding gift'! A Mexican Matrimonial Hammock. Traditionally hand-woven in Mexico in a beautiful range of colours and created with comfort and relaxation in mind. Our natural white cotton hammocks are particularly popular for wedding hammocks.

The Mexican Matrimonial hammock is especially suited to two persons and makes a very unique and always well received and cherished gift. Amongst the fruit bowls and kitchen appliances, a Mexican hammock is sure to make a great impression. After the stress of organising the big day, a bit of relaxation time together for the happy couple is always relished.

Mexican matrimonial hammock

Perhaps the married couple are honeymooning on a tropical island, what better gift to take with them then, than a relaxing hammock. 

Another versatile gift we offer is Mexican Blankets. Beautiful and vibrant, they are suitable for a range of uses from a bedspread, through to lounge suite cover, car seat cover or picnic blanket and Mexican rug. Another authentic and unique Mexican product that the couple will cherish for years to come and are sure to enjoy snuggling under together whilst relaxing on the couch (or hammock) watching television.

Black Mexican blanket

So whether you are attending a wedding sooner or later in the year it is never too early to start thinking of a suitable wedding gift. Both items are easy to store and transport, plus are non-perishable. So save the hassle of last-minute shopping or predictable gifts and take advantage of free shipping and the unique range of products offered by Hammocks Australia by purchasing now.

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Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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