Product Spotlight - Mexican Blanket

Posted on August 17 2009

The Mexican Blanket is another great product available froHammocks Australia.

Know by many names such as Sarape, Serepe, Zarape or Saltillo blankets, and Mexican Rugs, these are very popular throughout the world due to their great beauty and versatility.

Just some of the uses for our quality Mexican Blankets;

- They are very popular and look great in restored cars and hot rods as seat upholstery.

- They make great Mexican Yoga blankets, great for the workout and maintaining body heat afterwards.

- Great for use as a Mexican Riding blanket.

- Sofa Cover, protecting your fabric from spills and pet hair.

- Dining table cover, protecting the surface and bringing some colour and Mexican flavour to your dinner setting.

- Picnic Blanket, great for the beach or local park.

- Bed covers, large enough to cover a queen size bed.

- Beach Rug, great for spreading out your things and for the kids to play on.

- On camping trips - along with your hammock!

- Wedding, housewarming, father's day or birthday gift.

and so on….

Most Mexican blankets are available in Acrylic and Cotton. Cotton Mexican Blankets are a much more comfortable and soft alternative, while still being hard wearing and continually looking great. All our blankets are made from a very soft cotton blend and handmade by Mexican families with the help of a manual machine called a ‘trama’.

We have a great range of colours suitable for all tastes, and new colours always coming through. View our great range and shop online with free shipping Australia wide. We are sure you can find a multitude of uses for your Mexican blanket, or gift one to a friend or loved one. Certainly, a unique gift that will be very well used. 



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