Holidaying with your hammock

April 15, 2017 2 min read

As we head into the cooler and wetter months getting away for a mid-winter holiday is always very appealing. With the Pacific Islands and Indonesia so close by you can be assured of a winter escape with some extra sun and warmth. 

Along with the suntan lotion, hats, and books a great addition to pack is a Mexican hammock. Very lightweight from only 1-3kg in weight and around the size of a shoe box when folded up. It takes up hardly any space in your pack or suitcase and is sure to be more than worth its weight in relaxation!

Whether relaxing after a hard day swimming and snorkelling, surfing or simply use it all day a Mexican hammock provides you with an extra level of comfort and relaxation. Simply find a suitable spot at your holiday accommodation or on a secluded beach and you can enjoy hours of comfortable relaxation.

Mexican hammocks are ideal for these tropical, hot and humid locations. The open weave pattern pertaining to the hammock always for air to circulate fully around your body reducing your build up of heat that is often prevalent on deck chairs and resort sun loungers. 

You may think there will be no-where to hang a hammock where you are heading, but you'll be surprised - the photos below are some sites we found to hang our hammocks on holiday in Tonga, and one from a customer in Rarotonga.

Hammock in the pacific


 Mexican hammock in Tonga


Or the other option is to look for specific resorts that have pre-hung hammocks. For instance, this amazing resort in the Maldives - The Residence, has over 20 of our resort hammocks hung around their island paradise. 


Another fantastic holiday option to consider if an overseas one is not on the cards is an at home staycation with your hammock. Setup your hammock in the lounge or bedroom and enjoy some quality home staycation time. This blog provides some further options for really setting up your home for a comfortable staycation;

So for your next holiday don't forget to pack your Mexican hammock, or if you don't have one, at Hammocks Australia we have a great range of colours and sizes that will give you that extra relaxing holiday, and next summer you are good to go with a quality hammock.

If you are a resort or accommodation provider and are looking at providing your guests with the best quality, most comfortable Mexican hammocks around, then be sure to contact us. We can provide a customised quote and advice on making the most out of your outdoor relaxing area for your guests.

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Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie

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