The Resort Style Hammock, also known as a American hammock is a great variation on the Mayan Mexican Hammock. While the original Mayan Hammocks are made entirely of cotton or nylon cord the Resort Style Hammock also has a bar of wood at each end called a spreader bar.  The purpose of this is to keep the hammock spread out sideways, which can make entering and exiting the hammock a bit easier.  It is also a very beautiful and decorative hammock that makes a great feature to any outdoor setting.

Like the Mayan hammocks they are available in both nylon and cotton cord, but the cord used in the Resort Hammock is much thicker.  The weave is still all the same, and it is a very strong and supportive hammock.  They come in one size that is suitable for either one or two persons.

Resort Style Spreader Bar Hammock

These hammock are very popular in Resorts, hotels and holiday spots due to their great beauty.  However they are just as easy and visually appealing in any backyard.  Available in multi-colour or natural white cotton they make great gifts, especially for weddings, birthdays, or really any occasion.  The are easy to fold up and store when not in use, or to take with you when you go on holiday.

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