Hammock Stand Instructions

All hammock stands purchased through Hammocks Australia come with easy to assemble instructions, but please find some additional notes and assembly videos below.

If you have purchased a hammock and stand package, due to the variety of hammock sizes there may be some variance in how you hang your hammock on the stand. Both style of stands (wood and metal) allow for various length hammocks due to the moveable hook system.

For Longer Hammocks: The hook is placed on the rear side of the frame, with the hammock arms going over the 'fork' ends and attaching to the down facing hook.

Moveable hammock stand hook system

For Shorter Hammocks: The hook is placed on the front side of the frame with the hook facing upwards. 

Wooden Hammock Stand, front facing hook

For some combinations of hammocks and stands the hook placement may not be ideal and so we provide an additional set of ropes to allow for greater adjustability to the hammock hang. You can view a recommended knot suggestion for that below.

Hammock Rope Extension Knot Instructions

Metal Hammock Stand Assembly Video

 Wooden Hammock Stand Assembly Video