Wooden Hammock Stand and Spreader Bar Hammock

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Hammock Material

Product Details

Beautifully arc-shaped laminated pine wooden hammock stand and Mexican spreader bar hammock package.

Enjoy your most relaxing summer yet with this stunning, functional and extremely comfortable hammock set.

Hammock Stand Features 

Wooden hammock stand dimensions

  • Dark brown colour with a protective natural wood oil finish
  • Adjustable hanging levels
  • Includes all necessary hardware (zinc plated) bolts/nuts/washers and two hanging hooks
  • Easy assembly required
  • FSC certified pine wood
  • Weight: 20kg

Mexican Spreader Bar Hammock Features

Spreader Bar Hammock Dimensions

  • A very beautiful and attractive hammock with decorative side fringe  
  • Uniquely handwoven in thick off-white cotton or nylon cord by expert artisan hammock weavers in Mexico
  • A large number of suspension cords and the unique diamond weave pattern provides for the greatest weight distribution and comfort
  • The open weave pattern further enhances comfort by allowing air to gently circulate around your body
  • Suitable for 1-2 persons
  • Cotton material is the best choice in comfort. Nylon material is also very comfortable, but with a firmer feel. It is quicker drying and slightly more weather resistant.
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In Depth

The adjustable system works by simply moving the hooks to the desired level in the pre-drilled holes as necessary for the length of your hammock. Generally, your hammock arms will go over the fork ends of the stand and attach to the hook on the back side of the stand as per display images. Should your hammock be too short then a length of rope or chain can be used to cover the necessary span. 

We recommend when possible keeping the stand under cover to prolong its life. If you do intend to leave the hammock stand in the elements we recommend regular varnishing or oiling to seal the timber. Also leaving the hammock stand in a sunny spot is better than in shade as this helps to discourage moisture retention in the frame should it get wet. Similarly, we recommend protecting your hammock from the elements when not in use to enhance its longevity.