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Escape the day for a little downtime and relaxation with the family in this super large and comfortable organic cotton hammock. In relaxing and inviting curacao blue, this organic cotton hammock feels as good as it looks.

Extra large family size hammock providing room for everyone to cozy up and relax together. Or slip away and have some alone time, even for one this hammock is supremely comfortable and luxuriously large.

Crafted in Colombia from certified environmentally friendly organic cotton you can rest easy knowing you are doing your bit for the environment and providing a safe and comfortable space for your family.

This premium quality hammock offers unsurpassed comfort from its unique weave and the high number of suspension cords. Traditional Colombian hand-plaiting adds a beautiful feature while also ensuring your weight is more evenly dispersed across the hammock. Incredibly comfortable and durable with reinforced edges make this hammock one to cherish and enjoy for years to come.

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Family hammock dimensions

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Family size hammock icon Family size - room for the whole family. Suitable for 1, 2, 3 or more persons.
Multiple hammock cords icon Greater comfort is achieved through multiple suspension cords which improve weight distribution and support throughout the hammock. 
Organic Cotton hammock icon Made from certified organic cotton for a hammock that is safer for the environment, cotton farmers and produces a lovely soft, comfortable hammock.
Tear proof edge icon

Reinforced edging creates a safer, more secure hammock with greater durability and resistance to damage and tearing.

Hammock made in Colombia Handcrafted by hammock experts in Colombia.