The festive season is starting to take full swing and there is simply no better present than a Mexican Hammock or Mexican Blanket. You have a wide choice of styles and colours to choose from. We are sure to have one perfect for your place.

All of our goods are 100% authentic from Merida in the State of Yucatan in Mexico. Everything you see on our site is in stock and will be on its way to you by the next business day after placing your order.

This the best way to enjoy the 2009/10 summer break. Also, an excellent gift idea as not many people have a decent hammock but they would love one. Check out our hammock packages so that the hammock can be set up and used within minutes of opening.

What if you are unable to hang a hammock in your place? We have sturdy and endurable wooden hammock stands. Our Cyprus Pine stands that can easily be pushed around the veranda, inside or backyard to follow the sun (or share).

We wish you a very Merry swing and should you have any questions please visit the contact us sections of our website to get in touch.