Which comes first the Hammock or the Egg?

Posted on October 06 2012

Easter is fast approaching and I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to receive is chocolate Easter eggs! When thinking of a present to give to someone else it is often quite hard to know what to get. You may ask them ‘what do you want’ and get an ‘um not sure’ or a list of a few items. The key to buying a present is to gain an understanding of why they want a particular gift – what is the underlying motivation. Once you have connected on an emotional level you will be in a position to buy gifts which will not only be better received but also offer greater value into the future.

This may seem hocus pocus to many readers but let me provide an example. Shane asks his brother John what he would like for Easter and his response is ‘a lounge chair for the deck’. Now Shane could easily go and buy a lounge chair. John would use it around the pool and be adequately happy with it. But what would have John’s response been it Shane asked ‘what is it about a lounge chair that appeals to you?

John ‘it has been a busy start to the year so I would like it to relax and unwind on weekends whilst I read the paper and have a tea.’

Shane ‘what’s important about relaxing and unwinding to you’

John ‘that’s a strange question Shane – it needs to be a comfortable chair. There’s no way to relax if it feels like I’m lying on concrete! ‘

Shane has an insight and understanding of what John really wants. He wants to relax and unwind in a comfortable and durable chair. John hasn’t given a great deal of thought of what his other options are to achieve this.

Come Easter Shane has purchased a queen size authentic Mexican hammock and gives it to his brother John. John hangs the hammock and is stoked. It is excellent quality, very supportive and will definitely achieve his underlying want to relax and unwind. Beyond this, his new Mexican hammock can easily be taken down, folded (size of a football) and stores so not to take up space (and keep his wife happy) when it isn’t being used.

If you or a friend are looking to relax and unwind this Easter then check out the online store. They have a variety of Mexican hammocks, hammock stands and soft feel blankets to match what you are after and you won’t put on a kilo!

Happy Easter to all our readers.



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