Washing Your Hammock

Posted on June 28 2015

While it is not necessary to wash your hammock there may come a time when with constant use and outdoor exposure that you feel your hammock needs a wash. Here are some instructions for washing your Mexican hammock.

The best way to clean your hammock is to hand wash it in warm water and soft detergent or have it dry cleaned.  Do not spin dry. 

We recommend for washing coloured hammocks to use a special detergent for coloured washes.

To prepare your hammock for washing, first extend each end loop apart so the hammock is stretched to its full length. Then using thick string or cord bind the loops and body together at about six-inch intervals to prevent tangling. Next place the hammock in a pillowcase a lingerie bag (if you have one big enough) and put it into the washing machine. Wash with mild detergent and cold water.

You can also wash it by hand by simply soaking it in a large bucket for a few hours with mild detergent and rinsing it thoroughly in cold water.

Hang it out to dry. As the hammock groups together, you may want to use a spreader such as a broom to keep the hammock opened out to allow quicker and more even drying. Note; A cotton hammock will shrink straight after washing but it returns to normal size when you use it.

Should you spill something and want to spot clean it, you can do so with some gentle detergent, water and a cloth. Just gently rub off the area as you would with any mark on clothing or carpet. Do so in a gentle manner as not to disrupt the cord weave.

If when cleaning you notice areas that may need repair you can find further information regarding this by clicking here.


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