Warming up for the Season Ahead

Posted on March 22 2010

Today being March 21 marks the day when the sun crosses the equator. For people in the southern hemisphere, this is referred to as Autumn equinox (and conversely Spring equinox for those in the northern hemisphere). This changing of the season (if temperatures are the guide then this is the real start of Autumn – not March 1) means a noticeable drop in temperatures will be experienced through to June 21-22 when the sun is the greatest distance from the southern hemisphere. This is all interesting to know but enough astro talk for now…

It is time to think about enhancing your comfort for the coming cooler winter months by being prepared and having the right gear. One such product is a soft authentic Mexican Blanket made from cotton. These special blankets provide a surprisingly large amount of warmth.

Last Easter I was camping in the Snowy Mountains where the temperature dropped to zero overnight. I remember waking up in the middle of the night freezing cold in the sleeping bag. Luckily I had my Mexican rug close by and through it over the top of me. Almost instantaneously I was warm again and slept through until sunrise.


Hammocks Australia provides consumers with a variety of authentic Mexican blankets from Yucatán, Mexico. There are dozens of colours available from fairly simple colours to bright and loud colours as shown below.

Mexican Blankets can be used for a variety of uses far beyond keeping warm. These include as lounge protectors, picnic rugs, table linen, exercise blanket, yoga blanket, pilates blanket, combi van/VW trimming…

Hope this article helps to keep you warm this Winter.

Have a good swing!


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