Warm Summer Ahead for Australia

Posted on August 13 2012

Several leading meteorologists are suggesting El Nino is heading our way this Spring/Summer and we can expect above average temperatures and below average rainfalls.

What is El Nino? According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology El Nino originates from the Spanish language which translates to be ‘the boy child’. This is believed to have a biblical reference to the warm ocean current experienced just off the South American coastline. This warm current periodically shifts across to the eastern Pacific (namely eastern Australia) and when this occurs it is a good indicator to drier conditions. This is due to the warmer ocean temperature leading to changes in the circulation of air in the atmosphere. This is turn impacts moisture levels and precipitation/rain.

Another phenomenon this also leads to is an increase in the ‘hammock barometer’ reading. A high reading indicates better Mexican Hammock usage whereas a lower reading indicates not so good outdoor hammock usage weather. A good example of a lower reading summer was 2011/12 where it rained frequently and when it was fine the temperature was far from hot.

You can prepare for the 2012/13 summer by purchasing your own Mexican Hammock today. All the signs are there for a warmer summer with flowers blooming much earlier than usual and with it also comes the much unwanted excellent growth of weeds! We've had great weather here in Sydney lately and hope it continues on through the spring and summer time.

So get the best use from your hammock this summer. To view an extensive range of Mexican Hammocks visit our online shop. We provide express delivery Australia wide for free!


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