Spring Time Is Hammock Time

Posted on October 06 2012

Spring is here!! Well down under in Australia it is! The weather is getting warmer, and the days are growing longer. So it is about this time of year when we get excited about bringing the hammock out from the bedroom or lounge and hanging in a nice sunny spot out on the deck, between the trees, or taking away with us on the weekend camping trip or enjoying the hammock at the beach.

The Mexican hammock is so versatile, comfortable and portable that you will easily find yourself enjoying many relaxing hours. Below are some great photo examples of how you might enjoy your Mexican hammock ~ from the starfish and banana hammock positions, through to reading books, enjoying a cold beer, playing the guitar, wrestling with the kids, and much more.

So don’t be shy – get that cotton hammock or nylon hammock out! Whether you have a king size hammock for the whole family or a double hammock for yourself, bring it from inside or storage find a nice comfortable spot to hang and get in some daily relaxation time! Just remember to look after your hammock, keep it protected from the elements when not in use to help preserve its life. Try a hammock protection cover if you want to leave it outside all the time.





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