New Year Resolutions

Posted on January 02 2013

As we get into 2013, we hope things are moving along nicely for you. As is often the case with the start of a new year you may like to have set some new years resolutions. Things you want to do or improve on. Make yourself better in some way. If you wish to travel more, learn more, get fit, lose weight these all take time and commitment What often starts out as a great idea and a strong motivation can often wane over time. Therefore it is vital to set resolutions that are not only achievable but like goals, they should be specific and measurable. Just saying you want to lose weight or get fitter is not specific enough to help drive you forward. Get particular, how much weight exactly do you want to lose? How fit do you want to get – e.g. run 5km in under 30mins, run a marathon. Set resolutions in a way that is conducive to achieve them.

While most people may make resolutions to improve themselves in some way they forgot about giving the body and mind time out to relax. A great way to do this is to spend more time in a relaxed manner for the benefit of both the body and mind. It’s great to aim for a better year, but you also want to make sure you make it through! There is no point burning yourself out just to get that promotion or lose that extra kg if you are in no fit state to enjoy your success. So we believe an essential goal or resolution each year should also include making time to relax regularly. Don’t think that because you are resting, you are lazy; everyone needs that time to refresh the batteries of the body and mind. Relaxing doesn’t mean blobbing out in front of the tv or doing nothing. Relaxing can be a nap, time reading, walking the dog, or our favourite here is to rest in a hammock! Nothing sparks that feeling of relaxation more than the gentle sway and cloud floating feeling of relaxing in a great hammock. Regular time each day in one gives you a moment to let all your muscles relax and your mind refresh. Try some meditation, you won’t find a better spot, or let your mind wander and see solutions to problems without stressing or overthinking them. Grab a book and a cold drink and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of modern life in your favourite hammock space. Surely everyone can find a spare 10-30mins a day to do this-this might just mean cut out a bit of TV, or come home early from work once in a while. You can even share this time with your partner and family without distractions, enjoying the relaxing feeling together.

It is important to remember that relaxing, doesn’t mean you are lazy. Not only can these things relax you but they can make you happy! You will be more productive and refreshed, stresses might seem less intense, and problems solve themselves. Slow down.

So as we head in 2013 and charge at our new resolutions and goals, don’t forget to give some time to yourself for a regular moment or two of relaxation.


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