Health Benefits from Catching Rays in a Chair Hammock

Posted on June 27 2012

At this time of the year, I find reading in my chair hammock is the perfect way to relax. During the day when the sun is shining and there is only a slight breeze, the experience is quite tranquil. The chair hammock is great to read in as your body is in a more upright position that a traditional Mexican hammock where you are more reclined. This enables you to read with the book resting on your legs whereas with a traditional hammock your arms tend to get sore after a few minutes of holding the book above your head.

The benefits of catching direct sunlight is quite startling and a lot of people would be unaware of the health benefits. According to an article in vitamin D has been proven to prevent many serious illnesses such as breast and prostate cancer, depression and osteoporosis. The site even goes as far to say that Vitamin D is the world’s most undervalued nutrient.

Mexican Chair Hammock

A few interesting facts about sunlight are:

  • Direct sunlight only generates vitamin D in your skin. Reading inside or when in a car doesn’t give you your daily dose as it doesn’t penetrate glass
  • It is very difficult to consume the required amount of vitamin D from your diet alone
  • It can take many months for the appropriate amount of vitamin D to build up in your system so going out in the sun sporadically will not be suffice
  • Vitamin D intake helps you maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin D helps fights diseases
  • Vitamin D is helpful in reducing depression
  • Vitamin D can help improve weightloss goals through an appetite suppressing effect. 

What can we make of all this? Sitting outside in direct sunlight is not only very relaxing but also healthy. Just remember when you are outside exposed to the sun to wear adequate sun-protection, sunglasses, hat and suntan lotion. While vitamin D is good, skin cancer is not!

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We wish you a good swing!


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