Hammocks for Muscle Relaxation

Posted on March 25 2011

I've recently started training in a new sport, and as is often the case you start feeling sore and strained as you start to develop and work those lesser used muscles. Often we are conditioned for certain exercises and work, but with a switch to something new all of a sudden we are working for less developed muscles groups.

This is exactly what I have found recently, with lower back, neck and shoulder stiffness and soreness. The biggest problem I found with these areas is just trying to relax them and take off the strain. It can be very hard to find a position to relax all these body areas at once.

That is where my trusty Mexican Hammock (queen size cotton) or nylon as per the below photo comes in. I jumped in it today for half an hour or so and instantly the soreness and stress on my muscles relaxed. The hand-woven nature of these hammocks is so good that my whole body was fully supported from my feet to the back of my head. My lower back, neck and shoulders were perfectly supported and conformed to the hammock taking away all the pressure on these muscle groups. I could finally relax all these muscle groups at once.

While this is no magical cure, and my pain was still there once I got up and carried on with my day, it did provide valuable relief and aid in the relaxation of the muscles which is necessary for repair and regeneration.

So if you are looking for total relaxation for those sore muscles after a hard work out, a long day or just general stress then time in a Mexican hammock is highly recommended.


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