Hammocks As Emergency Bedding

Posted on October 06 2012

It has been a terrible time across the globe lately with natural disasters wrecking havoc. From Queensland to Christchurch to Japan.

In light of these events, it shows the necessity of being prepared for such catastrophes.

We have no control over these events, but we do have the opportunity to prepare for the potential aftermaths. From family planning such as establishing meeting places and setting up 'survival kits' that include everything necessary to survive alone in the case of not having access to food, water and shelter.

Survival kits can generally be purchased through supermarkets or Government departments, and whom can also provide more detailed information on exact requirements and quantities of items you should plan to stockpile.

One thing to consider with your other requirements is bedding or sleeping arrangements. If you can't get into your house (earthquake damaged) or/and the ground is wet/flooded then a good sleeping option to consider is a hammock. This will keep you off the ground and provide a comfortable nights sleep.

When not in use a hammock can easily be folded up and stored with the rest of your survival equipment. It takes up generally the same space as a shoe box, so often smaller than a bedroll and much more convenient than a blow-up mattress. With sizes for one or the whole family, a hammock is a great sleeping option.

The hammock is so versatile also, that you can hang between trees, off the side of the house, from fence posts, you can even attach one side to your car roof rack or rail to help with any distance issues.

Importantly though after such events ensure you check the safety and stability of any fixture you intend to tie your hammock to.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the recent spate of natural disasters.

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