Hammock Tree Straps

Posted on September 11 2012

If you are looking for an effective way to hang your hammock and don’t wish to screw or nail into your trees, beams or walls then our hammock straps are the answer. Simple, quick and easy to setup without hassle. Two straps are included, one for each tree. They can also be used on beams and posts. It does just pay to check that when using these on posts that the wooden edges are not sharp so as to cut into the straps.

Hammock tree straps also give you more options of where you can hang your hammock. You don't necessarily need to perfectly placed trees, you can also just as easily use one end for a tree then set up a hook into an existing wall for the other end. Overall for hanging a Mexican hammock you want approximately 4m of space upwards, and hung from a height of around 1.5m - 2m. Tree straps will allow you to adjust for the extra or short distances via the number of times you wrap the straps around your trees or hammock posts. 

They are very sturdy holding up to 175 kg each. It is suggested your trees have a diameter of at least 10 centimetres. The straps can be used around wide tree trunks. The strap's length can be extended to 2.5 metres each.

Attaching the hammock is very easy with hooks provided to connect each end of the strap to the hammock arm. Instructions are also included with every set of straps.

To view our hammock straps and save your trees visit our online store by clicking here, where you can also view our full range of Mexican hammocks.

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