Hammock for Dad on Father's Day

Posted on August 19 2012

In two weeks time, it will be time to celebrate Father's day in Australia! Originally started in 1910 by a woman called Sonora Dodd, to show the same appreciation to Father's as was given to Mother's on Mother's day, which had been celebrated since 1870. However it did not catch on so well, it took a bit more time and as such was not made official until 58 years after Mother’s Day was made official by President Woodrow Wilson. Father's day only became a nationwide holiday in the United States in 1972.

Celebrated in June in the USA, but on the first Sunday of September in Australia and New Zealand (September the 2nd in 2012), it is a great opportunity to celebrate and give thanks to our Father's and Fatherly figures for all they do and have done for us.

We know our Father's do a great job, and all make their unique contributions to each household. Running around after and caring for the family on a daily basis. From the typical manly rolls of DIY, mowing the lawns and washing the car through to all the care, support and love they provide for their family, they definitely deserve a special day. Shower them with love and attention, gifts and just let them relax and put their feet up. Give them one day off!

If you Father is anything like mine though, he is a difficult one to buy for. He has all the man tools and toys already and doesn't seem to stop - always on the go. Well at Hammocks Australia we have the perfect gift, that will force your Father to slow do, relax and enjoy his gift. A Mexican Hammock! Guaranteed to relax any Father, and provide him with hours of comfort and enjoyment. Getting him out of it might then become the problem though!

We have a great range of hammocks to choose from suitable for any Father, including hanging chairs, hammock stands or even a Mexican blanket for his car.

Wishing all Father's a relaxing and enjoy Father's day from the team at



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