Confessions from a Hammock

Posted on June 11 2010

I have a confession…I’ve finally mastered the skill of “relaxing” and I’ve never been happier.

Some might read this and think it sounds rather odd. They may ask, themselves, how can someone not know how to relax? Others may read this statement and be in envy. They like me may normally thrive on the feeling of pressure, the feeling of being under the pump and never allowing yourself to relax and unwind; yet would probably never have it any other way.  For me, the feeling of daily stress was something I had become accustomed too. Always having deadlines, always having demands made me feel valued. It had become so common a place that it had become a part of my life.  But when you’re constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price… as I found out.

When my doctor first diagnosed me with high blood pressure and diabetes. I was in shock. I ate well, exercised regularly and had never smoked a cigarette in my life. Yet despite my best efforts to keep fit and healthy, long term stress had slowly ate away at my immune system and was starting to cause havoc with my pancreas and some of my organs (including my heart and lungs). Enough was enough.

A close friend of mine recommended a naturopath “Margaret” whom she had been visiting for years and wouldn’t stop raving about her. Curious to find out more and with nothing to lose I decided to give it a shot. I needed to change something!

Margaret did prove to be extremely helpful, recommending and assisting me with various therapies including Bach Flower Therapy, Aromatherapy and even colour therapy. All methods proved successful to a certain degree however the one that surprise me the most was Margaret’s suggestion of buying a hammock and hanging it up in my back yard. To me, this suggestion sounded rather odd- ridiculous in fact. But since I was starting to be proven wrong in many things I decided to give it a shot. After all a hundred odd bucks wasn’t going to burst the bank.

By conducting a “Google search” there were numerous online hammock stores to choose from. I ended up buying my hammock from a site called because their site answered all the questions I had and I could choose from dozens of colour combination. To my delight the hammock arrived the very next day and with some help from my husband the hammock was soon set up and ready for me to use.

What I loved about the hammock was the way it adjusted so quickly to my body. Every time I hopped in it would stretch out and mold to my body shape as if it was custom built just for me. I experienced all over support and it even levitated pressure from my back. I could instantly feel my body relaxing and not long after I was sound asleep on a beautiful autumn afternoon with a gentle breeze causing the hammock to rock slightly.

My husband has also begun using the hammock and he has reported a massive improvement in his lower back and neck where he has at times experienced chronic pain. Upon relaying this to Margaret she simply smiled and said “see”. She explained that by lying in the hammock I was relieving pressure from my muscles and this in turn allowed my muscles to relax and for the blood to circulate throughout my entire body. This I believe lead to my organs improving in their important roles.

My husband and I have since upgraded to a King size hammock and it has become a weekend ritual that after a week at work we lie together on the hammock and chat about everything before closing our eyes and escaping from the world. Thanks to Mike and for your help. I hope my story helps someone else to improved health and happiness.

Sophia N. from the North Shore.
(April 2010)


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