Authentic Mexican Hammocks & Blankets – Guaranteed!

Posted on October 05 2012

Authentic Mexican Hammocks & Blankets – Guaranteed!

Through the evolution of the Internet the trading world is more connected that ever before. So many of the items we purchase these days are from China, Hong Kong or surrounding developing Asian nations. Some sites even claim their products are authentic when they simply are not. We have been offerered (and of course turned down) 'Mexican blankets' made in India, and 'Mexican Hammocks' made in China!

We have seen the various types factory mass produced hammocks and are 100% confident that they don't compare with our authentic range of handmade Mexican hammocks. Traditional woven with a history of over a 1000 years, the Indigenous Mayan Indians of Mexico have been passing these skills down through families for many generations and continue to use the same methods today. 

At Hammocks Australia we guarantee you that all our Mexican hammocks and blankets are from Yucatan Mexico. Not only this, they are woven in very friendly working environment which provides the weavers family’s with opportunities that would not otherwise present themselves.

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